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Jewelry For The Thumb

"It's ok". "No, it's no good." "Hey, can I have a ride?" With one gesture of the thumb, you can relay all of this without having to say a word. That is how important this finger is. Oh, and don't forget that eating, typing and any number of daily activities would be impossible or extremely difficult without the help of this digit. It works so hard, why not dress it up with a thumb ring?

Not a new concept
The first men's thumb rings were actually worn by ancient archers. Made of leather, they protected the fingers during battle. Centuries ago, they were also worn as a sort of license for physicians. Shakespeare even made mention of this accessory of the thumb in Romeo and Juliet.

They have been worn for practical purposes, but also for the simple joy of accessorizing this digit. There's not always a reason for wearing this accessory, though it can certainly hold some significance for the wearer. Usually though, it is merely a fashion statement instead of some huge proclamation of beliefs or character.
Popular Styles

One trend that is very popular is to wear several thin bands stacked atop each other. A bold statement is made and the width can be controlled and changed depending on mood. Gold and diamond rings are also trendy. For an inexpensive option, look for sterling silver with crystals instead.
Wavy bands add some movement to the accessory. It is also one that can be stacked to create a geometric design. In palmistry, it is believed that wearing a silver thumb ring helps clear the mind to go ahead and achieve goals that were previously avoided.
Who's wearing them?

The quick answer is everyone-men, women, moms, grandmas, celebrities, teenagers and anyone else who loves jewelry. Teenagers who are rebelling against conformity might choose to express themselves by wearing gothic rings that cover nearly the entire thumb.

Images of skulls and crosses are often found on this style. Women wear the wedding bands of loved ones who have passed on. For a very masculine look, men wear bold and wide sterling silver bands with tribal designs.
Cleaning and maintaining thumb rings

Because this digit is so busy holding on to things, any jewelry on it tends to get beat up. For plain bands, have a jeweler professionally buff out the scratches and reduce the appearance of any dents. Sterling silver pieces should be cleaned only in specially made silver cleaner. It comes in wipes, liquid and creams.
Gold can be cleaned in normal jewelry cleaner as can gemstones. For any settings that may be glued in, don't soak in warm water. This might loosen the adhesive so simply wipe onyx and other stones with a damp cloth. Don't place these in ultrasonic pieces!

Sterling silver thumb rings and other styles are a fun way accessorize. Fancier pieces with diamonds can be worn with anything, including evening wear. From simple to quirky, there are thumb rings to appeal to all ages and gender. Have fun with yours!


The Ring Fingers

A study at the University of Liverpool showed that there may be a link between finger length and depression in men. This study found that the longer a man's fingers are in relation to his height, the more likely he is to suffer from depression. Although this study included women as well as men, the same could not be concluded for the women which led the group of researchers to discover that as testosterone levels dimish during depression, that the culprit could be lower levels of pre-natal testosterone! And all this because of his fingers...but fingers are fascinating and the vast majority of society wear rings on their fingers (no bells on their toes, at least normally) without many appreciating some of the information about fingers. So think again before you buy stylish silver rings because you may just want to buy the next one for a different finger.

The Greeks assigned the ring finger meanings in line with their Gods. So wearing a ring on the thumb finger whose God is Poseidon, represents individualism. If you wear one on the index finger, God Zeus, this meant dominance, energy and power. The Greek God for the middle finger is Dionysus so wearing a ring on that finger represents rebellion, decadence and irreverence. The finger known as the ring finger is Aphrodite, so this is for love, romance and good connections. The Greek God for our little pinky is Ares which symbolises assertiveness, competitiveness and conflict.

What about palmistry? In palmistry the thumbs are related to self control. There are references here to the active hand and the passive hand; this simply means that if you are right handed then this is your active hand making your left passive. So if you or someone you see has a thumb which goes inwards on the active hand this could mean that they are not currently fully applying themselves to their worldly ambitions. The same on the passive hand shows inner conflicts. Choosing rings for personal transformation in this instance you could wear a narrow, silver ring which can help with guidance and strength, which if possible has a milled surface (this is to be industrious), which should be worn on the passive hand. In traditional chinese medicine (TCM) the thumb relates to the lungs, which are for inspiration.

The index finger is called the mirror finger by palmists. It is ruled by Jupiter and is about self-reflection. If you or someone you know wears a big ring on the active index finger this could mean that there are self-esteem issues. The person could feel in need of recognition and power, especially if this ring contains a large gemstone. For these situations a tin based ring which is very simple should be worn on the active hand, with no gem, and with flat sides for humility and modesty. In TCM the index finger relates to digestion, therefore it can be digestion of life and ideas.

The middle finger which is known as the wall finger is ruled by Saturn which represents the psychological boundaries, values and lifestyle. The larger the ring and gemstone on this finger , the more seriously the person takes life and wants to feel secure. However multiple rings on the middle finger of the passive hand can be associated with stability in the family and obsession over material things. For those who have concerns like this it is good to wear a ring on the passive hand with a clear, square crystal to bring stability and clarity. In TCM the middle finger relates to the heart, so self-love and love of others.

The third finger, also called the ring finger, is the focus of the love binding ceremonies which can be traced back to pagan times. Wearing a ring here is a self-imposed idea to help the subconscious to restrict itself in pursuing the other sex. In TCM this is the liver which in Chinese medicine is the seat of anger.

The fourth finger, our pinky, is ruled by Mercury, God of Communication, and in palmistry this is called the antenna. It communicates with all levels, and people who wear more than one ring here may have a tendency to embellish the truth a little. A small fine ring on the passive hand will enhance communication in the right way, you will notice an immediate difference. In TCM this is the kidney which is about fear.


Foretelling Your Future Using Cards

The future is often coined to be the undiscovered country. Though the axiom curtails poetry in its semblance, there is truth to what it is saying, as the future is indeed undiscovered for one and all.
As such, the reasons why fortune telling is quite popular is understandable, with millions of people from all over the world asking questions with regards what the future holds for them.

1) Foretelling Your Future
Call them fortune tellers or psychics, these persons are claimed to have the ability to see the future, capable of foretelling what is to come in the days ahead.
Typically, fortune tellers employ various strategies into successfully doing their craft, with some focusing on one, while others are known to have the capacity to do several strategies.
There is the crystal sphere, to which a fortune teller could see the future with, there is also palmistry, where the reading of your palm could show some signs as to what your future would be. Some fortune tellers utilize astrology as well, being able to map out your future through connecting the dots already mapped in the stars.
But of all these strategies, the act of reading tarot cards is known to be quite famous, resulting to conflicting views with regards its legitimacy or authenticity.

2) Future Forecasts and Reading Tarot Cards
The reading of Tarot Cards stand to be one of the most commonly encountered forms of fortune telling, allowing a broad range of questions to be answered, pertaining to questions of love, relationships, wealth, fortunes, good health, happiness and others.
Reading Tarot cards would involve the utilization of the tarot, a 21 piece set of trump cards, known to have been used in Europe in playing Tarot card games.
The Fool card, and an extra face card per suit were known to be the basic rules in playing the Tarot, utilizing the regular variety of the face cards of the playing cards. The act of reading Tarot cards eventually became the avenue to which many fortune tellers could see or hear out what future waits for a client.
Reading tarot cards would stand to be very much subjective, as their meanings vary from one fortune teller to another. Also, interpretations could vary depending on the spread, as well as the type of tarot deck being used.
Bottom line, though hailed to be avenues to which one could learn about his or her future, no scientific proof has yet to come up in stating the truth in reading tarot cards, but many still stand tall in being advocates to the act.

3) The View of Online Tarot Reading Options
Nowadays, almost anything is possible online. From online shopping, to online communications, there are even websites devoted, or featuring, online tarot card reading, for those with questions regarding the future.
There are actually conflicting views towards online tarot card reading, as even the more physical of tarot card reading itself is known to have its own set of controversies.

4) Tarot Card Reading and Its Controversies
Along with the crystal sphere or crystal ball and palm reading, tarot card reading is known for being one of the many different systems being used by fortune tellers in seeing beyond.
Basically, Tarot cards are a deck of cards associated with mysticism and magic. Its first recorded origins were seen in the 15th Century. It was not accepted by occultists, mystics and secret societies until 1781, when a Freemason and Swiss clergyman named Antoine Court de Gebelin published a study which dealt with religious symbolism.
Gebelin claimed that the words tar and ro, equaled to royal and road in Egyptian, resulting to the Tarot name, meaning royal road to wisdom. Also, Geblin was certain of the symbolism of the Tarot de Marseille with that of the mysteries of Thoth and Isis.
In time Egyptologists found out that there was no connection between Egyptian texts and what Gebelin was stating, but things were too late, as the connection with the tarot and occultists had been already firmly rooted.
But even with such a history, many still are convinced of the future telling capabilities of Tarot Cards, yielding to its widespread practice as a system in fortune telling.

5) Online Tarot Card Readings
The internet is known to be one of the many alternative avenues where tarot card reading is known to prevail, seconded by radio and television.
The thing with online tarot card reading is that they boast to have the privacy factor, somewhat different from radio and television, as with tarot card reading shows on television and radio entail the basic given of callers calling in, asking questions relevant to them, allowing audiences to hear out or see, who the callers are, and what his or her concerns are.

With online tarot card readings, internet surfers do not have to worry about such matters, considering that they have the full attention of the online tarot reader, which typically would be a web application, programmed with predefined parameters, all depending on the input a surfer types in.

Most who actively participate in online tarot card readings are into the act for the sheer passing the time value they boast to have, and do not exactly put that much stock into the predictions which they come up with. This is not exactly true. Those good online tarot card readings site can actually help the seekers get the answers they are looking for if the seekers are themselves sincere and serious in asking the questions. Certain tarot reading tools can also help seekers increase their intuition and psychic abilities. Ultimately, these are just tools, and if treated with respect and used with care, the seekers can gain a lot from using such tools.


Find The Right Psychic

Psychic medium is a person who uses his psychic abilities to communicate with people in the world of spirits; they are the means of establishing contact between the recipient and the spirit or soul. Mediums seek to prove the existence of life after death, taking away the fear and grief from the one left behind. Psychic medium are the people who are able to bridge between this world and the next with their psychic powers. Looking in the fact that not all the psychics are medium and not all the mediums are psychic, some people they acquire both the abilities. A good medium can use his skills to help and ease the pain of those who are grieving for someone who has passed into the world of spirit. It turns a very powerful process for all concerned. Each psychic would perform as per his own way, psychic gifts and divination preferences like astrology, numerology, palmistry, tarot cards, aura reading etc. Some psychic gazes into a crystal, mirror or other reflective surface and some of them even use the flame of the fire. Every psychic does not make use of their divination tools while psychic reading but they rely mainly on their natural inbuilt psychic gifts like clairvoyance and clairaudience. Multi talented psychics may possess some extra talents over and above their abilities to understand and interpret foretelling tools.

A psychic reading UK is an opportunity to find more insight and open the door to your best life. Usually the psychic or reader will use divination tools with their own inborn perception to divine answers of the questions issued or fortune telling. Most people seek psychic readings for information about the future advice on how to handle family and personal relationship concerns, communications with expired loved ones and divinations to help find missing persons and objects. Psychic readings in UK and the psychic of UK are mainly adopting the same policies while psychic medium reading. Psychic reading online has acquired large followers those are mainly interested to know immediately about their future.

For many people, visiting a psychic and to know about your future is very interesting and important activity but they have to beware of fake psychics and they are only interested in your money. A good psychic medium will try to help his clientele by exploring the option and will never insist that your future is in danger. The luck patch can always be changed and the job of a good psychic is to keep the hopes live always in life. They should find a solution of your problem rather than leaving you feeling in utmost despair after your reading. The fake psychic mediums will always ask for extra money. They claim to change your future for a negligible amount, but in fact no one can change your future. Psychic readings in UK they are honest in this regard that they do not mislead. Some of them might pretend to read the forecasting from the book or script, this is definitely not genuine as your future can not be written in any script. Most professional psychic mediums having greater accuracy percentages, anyone who claims having sent per cent predictions, he must be a fake reader for sure as this is not possible. A good medium takes their work very honestly and seriously and they are obligated to share the information they receive with those they serve.


Psychic Party Events

Psychic entertainment for events is as popular as ever. Have you ever considered engaging a psychic entertainer for your private party or corporate event, but wondered exactly what they do and just how they will entertain your guest?
Fortune telling for fun employed by your party psychic will come in various forms and flavors. Some forms rely on arcane divination tools or evocative visual aids. Many people have no idea just what a party psychic will actually do to engage and entertain guests, and although this may vary from psychic to psychic, they may employ some or all of the following:

Tarot Cards
When most people think of fortune tellers or party psychics, their first and most common thought is of 'Tarot Cards.' Tarot is arguably the most common form of fortune telling party entertainment. Tarot decks consist of 78 cards; 22 major arcana and 56 minor arcana. Rich in imagery and universal symbolism, they capture the imagination and engage the senses, setting the mood for intrigue.

Palmists read your hands and gain information about your personality and fortuitous phases, by analyzing the shape and lines of your hands, wrists and fingers, it is extremely popular with guest at all manner of events.

Divining information about people or events associated with an object solely by touching and holding the object. Metal, gold, silver or even car keys are often used, as it 'holds on' to energy and psychic vibrations easily. However almost any material or object owned and kept close to its owner, e.g.. a leather wallet or purse can be employed to some degree. Psychometry is an excellent way to liven up your party or special event.

Contemporary skilled psychics may also be trained in the art of graphology and are able to analyze the unique qualities of an individuals handwriting. They will look at such things as the weight of your line, the slant, shape of letters, margins, & much more.... Handwriting analysis is not fortune telling as such,but it's fun and very entertaining! Considered both an art and a science by many, Graphology is more usually known as handwriting analysis, the analysis of the psychological structure of the human subject through their handwriting. It can be very revealing.

Aura Reading
The aura is viewed by a psychic as the energy field that surrounds the body, but it actually extends throughout and beyond our bodies by many feet. Your entertainer is said to be able to see and describe to your guests, what is going on in your auric field, many guests are spellbound by this form of psychic ability.

Psychic Readings
Either privately or on a public platform, a psychic clairvoyant may dumbfound your guests by providing fact after fact accurate and personal fact about your guests. The guest may be astounded as the psychic provides this information seemingly from thin air. It appears that a host need not worry about their guests beliefs of attitude as across the board of opinions guests seem to very much enjoy this form of entertainment. Skeptics or not, attendees across the spectrum delight in this unusual form of entertainment.


Palmistry Devi

The American Heritage Dictionary defines Palmistry as the practice of telling fortunes from the lines, marks, and patterns on the palms of the hands. Palmistry is also called as chiromancy, palm-reading, chirology, or hand-analysis. Palmistry originated in ancient India. It was said to be practiced by the Brahmins of Ancient India. Palmistry can be regarded as a part of Astrology. Records of practice of Palmistry are also available in countries such as China, Tibet, Persia, Mesopotamia, Egypt, and Ancient Greece.

Cheiro was the most famous practitioner of palmistry in modern times. He was born in Ireland and had predicted many incidents of his time. For example, he correctly foretold the Boer War, death of Queen Victoria, assassination of King Umberto of Italy, a year or so before each of these incidents occurred. He also had predicted about the infamous Great Depression� all over the world. He correctly predicted the outbreak and end of World War 1 before it happened. Cheiro wrote a number of valuable books on Palmistry. He had also successfully predicted the downfall of the Czar in Russian and the subsequent massacre of him and all his immediate family members. Palmistry is based on reading the lines on the hand of a person. Palmists say that by reading the lines of a person's hand, it is quite possible to tell about the persons past, present and future. They say that positioning of the lines in the hand is a key to determining the subjects past, present, and future. The basics of Palmistry are said to be quite simple as opposed to the popular belief that it is something mysterious. The fleshy part of the hand and the structure of the fingers reveal a lot about the subject. Palmists claim that predictions through Palmistry has scientific basis, even though the scientists worldwide have their own opinion regarding this topic. The scientists claim that Palmistry does not have any scientific basis. According to the Palmists, the dominant hand of a person reveals the current and future trends. On the other hand, the passive hand reveals the person's childhood. Palmists see a definite pattern in the lines on the palm. These lines have been classified into heart line, head line, life line, fate line etc. Each of these lines will interpret different aspects of ones life.

In this age of cutthroat competition, the people seem to have become more and more dependant on things beyond their normal powers. Palmistry is gaining popularity even among the western public as well. This is because human beings have become more concerned about their future than ever before. Palmistry is quite popular in India. It is a part of the everyday life for many Indians. Life is unimaginable for them without Palmistry. They will consult the Palmist for almost every activity of their lives. For special occasions like marriage, setting up of a new business, birth of a child, starting a new profession etc, a visit to a Palmist has become a must. A palmist will examine the hand carefully and advice the clients about their next activity. The palmists say that there is a relation between the lines in ones palm, the planetary motions, and ones life.


At The Heart Of Divination

Divination is also referred to as fortune telling. Divination uses aspects of the supernatural to predict the future or give insight. There are many different forms of divination. Divination usually involves a ritual or other formal routine. This could involve the lighting of candles, chanting of incantations or burning of incense. Divination is a way to connect with the other side, which could be those who have passed away, spirits or holy beings.

Divination is a highly criticized practice. There are many people who believe that divination cannot be proven as real. They believe that since divination usually involves one person connecting with the other side that the person is simply scamming or faking the connection. Many skeptics believe that divination is merely tapping into the sub-conscious mind and not communicating with the other side at all. Still others believe that there is no connection at all and the person doing the divination is just saying whatever they believe people want to hear. Despite numerous attempts to prove critics wrong, there is still skeptics out there who will never believe in the supernatural abilities of those who practice divination.

Some of the more popular and best known forms of divination include the following:
Astrology- Using the positions of the planets, sun and moon in correspondence with time, date, location and the Zodiac to give insight into one's life and future.
Tarot- The use of a 78 card deck that is laid out into spreads or patterns then read to look into one's situation.

Palmistry- Reading the lines on ones hand to interpret their life path.
Rune Casting- The use of runes that are cast upon the ground or a cloth to tell a persons situation.

Channeling- Connecting with the other side, spirits, and delivering their messages.
Psychic/Intuition- Connecting with a spirit or other celestial being to deliver messages, can be used with other forms of divination.

Divination may be something that a person is born able to do. For others it is something to be learned. It is widely thought that every person has the ability to tap into the supernatural. It just takes time for some to learn how to do it.
Divination has been used for centuries. It is often looked at as evil or as something that is only done by those who do not believe in God. This is not true. Many religious activities often include divination style practices. Anything that brings a connection between a person and a celestial being, be it God, a Saint, an angel, is a form of divination.

Most divination is done in a proper setting. The area used for divination is only used for that purpose. Nothing else is done in that area. Many times there are alters or other things to honor the spirits that may be present. It is done in a manner that shows respect to those beings that are coming to help or send messages. For people that practice divination it is a very serious ritual.

Divination is something that requires great patience and dedication. It may take a person a long time in order to connect to a spirit and when they do it can tae even longer to understand the messages they may be sending. It is a process that should be done with the knowledge of how to do it properly. Many times people expect to see amazing things, like lights flickering, the person performing the divination to fall into a trance or something else spectacular. This is usually not how it happens, though. It is usually a rather peaceful process that happens almost naturally.